This page contains what you’ll need to get better sex with me as a pixel perfect love doll in second life..

If you use a furniture to strip a girl in Second life .. you will most likely strip her for all the love parts too.. my advice don’t ever use functions as those: fast strip and strip all..

IF AFK, I will still be able to serve you.. 

Cum find me at the Club

♥♥Cum Fuck Me Like A Whore♥♥

♥It’s not mine! cum system♥

♥Project Arousal ♥

♥The V Bento pussy Hud♥

♥Pretty Lias Boob Slapper♥

♥Lias Real Spanker Ass♥

♥Sensation 7Ass  Hud ♥

The complete guide will be ready around the 20th of april 2021